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I see beauty in everything.  Even the things that most people by pass as wasted space or even blight.  I have a passion for photography and try to express the beauty I see in my images.  One of my favorite things to do is explore abandoned place and take pictures.  That rusted broken stove, just look at the beauty of it!  That wooden rubbish pile, that is what’s left of someone’s home, their pride and joy.  I use my eye for seeing the beauty in things in my portrait photography as well.  I love to envision one of a kind personalized photo shoots for people and share my passion with them.  Whether it in your favorite woods, favorite beach or at that rubbish pile that was once your great grandmother’s homestead.

If your are interested in working with me shoot me a message on my facebook page, send me an email or just simply fill out the contact information on the contact page. I would love to work with you to envision and make your dream portrait come true. 

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Please Note the photographs on this page are not high quality photographs, they are low resolution photographs.  Your actual prints will be high quality prints. 
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